Have you heard of  ‘Pinterest’?  I have only recently heard of it.  My first reaction was, what’s the point?   I really couldn’t see why I would want to participate.  However, it seemed to pop up everywhere.  I decided to give it another look.  It occurred to me that Pinterest could be very valuable to me.  You see I am a little addicted to bookmarking things.  If I come across something that I think is neat,   I bookmark it.  A craft I’d like to try,  a recipe,  or a book that looks interesting.   Information about Mebulloblatomas and Posterior Fossa Syndrome.  Ideas for the garden,  home and barnyard.  I counted the other day  and I was close to 400 bookmarks.  Crazy I know.  Even crazier is scrolling through them trying to find that article I wanted to read.

So I decided it might be a good idea to join.  You see you have all these boards that you categorize anyway you’d like.  For the kids,   for the home,  Homeschool etc.  Then you pin the item you like to the board.  It gives you a thumbnail picture with a direct link to its location.  Instead of scrolling through a ton of bookmarks I can see all my pins in one place and locate what I am looking for quickly.

I have just started the task of going through all my old bookmarks and moving them over slowly.  Life is busy and it will take me some time but eventually I’ll get it done.  Now most people follow other people I really haven’t gotten into that side of things but for now I am making it work for me.  You can look me up on Pinterest, I’m going by On the Old Path to keep things simple.  As I said I still don’t have much up yet.   If you have not already heard about it and your like me with way too many bookmarks this is a great way of keeping them straight.

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