Garage Sales

In these rather uncertain financial times everyone can use a good deal.  I have always loved a good deal.  I like to decorate my home with a bit of a country flare.  I want  to  have my home comfy and organized.  I don’t think I’ll ever have a house that looks like it should be featured in a design magazine.  When I look back to when Dave and I were first married I loved to shop for our little home.  As the years have gone by,  our family has grow,  gas prices have risen and along with it everything else has too.  Which means we have to stretch our dollars as far as we can. One of our families favorite way to do that is…

Garage Sales!

We love to try and get as much work done during the week so we can get up bright and early on Saturday to go treasure hunting.  Our kids are really good about it.  They understand that you have to hold out for just the right thing.  Joshua waited 3 weeks until he finally found something he wanted to spend his money on.   He was a little disappointed the first few weeks but after 3 weeks he spent 10 cents and came home with a treasure.

I had been looking for an exersaucer for Samuel for a few weeks.  I saw a really nice one on Kijiji for $30. but it sold quickly.  Finally, last Saturday we found one for $20. I asked if they would take $15. for it and they agreed.  We got it home and cleaned it just to be sure,  it was already very clean.

Samuel loves it.

A lot!


Taliah bought this basket to put her art supplies in,  as she loves to sketch constantly.  Joel got a snow shovel for .25 cents,  we have picked up fantastic books for the kids for a nickel or a quarter.

Tomorrow,  we will get up early and go to a few garage sales looking for more treasures before going to the plowing match at our neighbor’s house.   Do you ever go hunting for deals at garage sales?

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  1. Lindsay says:

    i LOVE garage sales! my mom and i go to them all the time to find furniture we can give makeovers to. and those pictures are adorable :)

    anyways i'm your newest follower! hope you can stop by my blog and maybe follow back

    Love, Lindsay @

  2. Jenny says:

    Oh wow…the first thing I read and we already have more in common. We love garage sales!! With a family like ours this is a must. My husband will pick a couple of kids to go with him on Saturday mornings and buy (with their own money) some pretty neat things. My favorite, besides furniture, is that they are all well versed in what kind of books we use(and mommy loves) so we have found some very neat titles to go along with our CM education.

    BTW, you have lovely children. I'm so glad you stopped by :)

  3. Savannah says:

    I love yard-saling! Glad you found a saucer for Samuel. I saw one last weekend but didn't pick it up because I didn't know if you'd found one. The one you found looks a lot nicer than the one I saw! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Mary Bearden says:

    Stopping by from the blog hop and now following your blog thru GFC, Twitter and RSS Feed. I would have followed on FB but had a disaster last Friday on a FB blog hop only. I was sailing along "liking" everyone and all of a sudden FB popped up a box saying I was spamming and would be suspended for 15 days (5 more to go)! I was livid and very upset! I tried to appeal but they won't answer my emails. So, you can go on my page but I can't. If you follow on FB please leave me a comment on my blog and I am keeping a list of followers that I need to catch up with. Or if you would rather wait and have me follow you first that is fine also. I don't mind either way. I know sometimes people think you won't follow them back and if you are nervous I won't, then just follow on the other three for now. Thanks for your help and have a great weekend!

    Mary @

  5. How fun!! Are you secretly from the South??? I love good finds at garage sales too…they sometimes turn out to be the new favorite toy! Hope you have a GREAT week!

  6. Ali says:

    Thank you for visiting and God Bless your children and family. I LOVE garage sales. I used to go alot pre-kiddies.


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