Where to start…


Yes, where to begin, it has been my best intention to blog more regularly, yet life just keeps getting in the way.  It has been pretty busy around here add in technical difficulties between blogger and my own computer and well it all adds up to little action on the blog front.

I guess it would be easiest if I just try and update ya’ll.  To start with this little fellow is growing like a weed.  We aren’t sure how he is doing it because he is the pukiest  baby we’ve had yet. However, he is simply adorable and that covers a multitude of spit up.  Samuel is a cooer and an ahgooer with lots of giggles too. (Spell check is having a hay day right now.)  We are loving him like crazy.

This guy…
well he is doing pretty good!  He has been having regular OT and Physio, he is still on a waiting list for speech.  I’m frustrated about that but I hear they are pushing for the end of this month.  Last week he went for more tests and I am looking forward to getting results on Wednesday.  Also, last week at physio Joel got on a tricycle.  It was his first time on a bike since surgery.  He was nervous to try since balance is an issue for him. Once he got on he had a grin from ear to ear.  We head in on Wednesday…DRUM ROLL PLEASE for his last hospital admit chemo!!!!!!!! 
Hannah is keeping me busy she is forever a ball of energy!!
Joshua is always making us laugh and if Hannah is a ball of energy then Joshua is one squared.
As for Taliah and Elijah…
well these two have been my helpers.  They are also thrilled to see the weather warm up a bit.
We have made it to the park a few times already this year.  I can not tell you what it does for me to see my children playing together, discovering things, just having a good time.  A year ago I was in the hospital with Joel away from the rest of my kids.  Oddly enough, this is my first spring in this house, I missed it last year.  Joel has so far to go, he has a tough road ahead of him and sometimes it makes me mad.  Yet, he has come so far, just look at him playing at the park.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!
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