This weeks highlights…

I can not believe it is Friday already, the time around here just vanishes.  The highlights of this week, went a little like this; more snow!  
The kids love climbing our snow mountain.
The weather report is telling us that we are going to start having above freezing weather during the day and below at night, which means… Maple Syrup Time!!
It is really hard to not compare this time last year to now.  The following are some of our last pictures of Joel before his surgery.  I love those full cheeks.  He was so into hanging the pails he wanted to help with the drill.
This year he was too tired to come out in the cold and hang the pails.  In some ways I am already looking forward to next year.  Oh, I am happy right here in the moment, I just know that this time next year he’ll be so much stronger.
Then on Thursday it was back to the hospital for another chemo.  Taliah had been waiting for this day for a looooong time, she had made plans with Molly Penny (the hospital’s clown) to be a clown for the day.  She was so excited she got up at 2:45 in the morning telling us she couldn’t sleep.  In the morning we did crazy hair to get ready for clowning around.  When we got to the hospital she transformed from our girl into a cute clown!!
Taliah with Molly Penny.
Hannah thought Taliah looked great and Hannah already thinks Molly Penny is just the best.
David with his girls.
Joel wasn’t feeling like having his picture taken at this moment and Samuel was asleep.  It was time to go and do some clown work.  Hannah asked to tag along.  After a little while Molly Penny said, “Hmm, I think Hannah is such a good little helper that she needs a clown outfit too.”
My adorable clowns!
It isn’t very clear but Hannah is wearing a pin that says, ‘the cute one.’  I couldn’t agree more.
The girls had funny handing out stickers to other kids and blowing some bubbles too.
They brought smiles with them everywhere they went.
Even Joel warmed up to having his picture taken with Molly Penny and her junior clowns.
Samuel finally woke up and gave a wave to all.
When Taliah first met Molly Penny almost a year ago, Taliah immediately thought being a hospital clown would be a fantastic job.  She loves the idea of cheering up children going through a difficult time.
Those were the highlights of our week a lot of fun!!!
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