A little snow & lots of hearts

As we sit and wait for our latest arrival to show up we have tried to keep busy.  There is lots of snow to be played in.  I am not up to much snow play any more, but I had to take a picture of Joshua on our snow mountain.  You might remember me trying to get a picture of him the other day. I finally got one!
 The next picture shows where Joshua was playing, without the zoom!!
I am also one that loves celebrating… I won’t celebrate just anything but if there is something that we can put a positive spin on then I’m there.  We celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter, Birthdays, but we also have enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Purim, Canada Day etc.
So we have been having fun with hearts.
 Hannah is sorting foam hearts first by colour.
 Then by size, Joel came and decided to help out.
 Hannah is always so proud of herself whenever she finishes a task.
The girls and I made some Valentine’s Day crafts, my boys were not as much into working with hearts.
 These are really cute and the girls think they turned out pretty good!
Since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes we haven’t done much in the way of baking… to tempting.  I figured that for Valentine’s you need to have something sweet.  We decided to bake one of our favorites the full recipe can be found in this post.
 I had lots of help in the kitchen.  I did do things a little different this time I cooked the brownies in bar pans so they were a bit thinner.
 Then we used a cookie cutter to cut out the hearts, and sprinkled a little icing sugar on top!
Now don’t worry all those scrap pieces of brownie were not thrown out, I had lots of little fingers to help deal with them.
 Even our barn cats like the decor!!!Don’t forget to enter yesterdays contest.
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