Nesting out of Necessity

Feeling the need to prepare for the arrival of the baby by cleaning, organizing, etc. Often happens toward the end of pregnancy. -As defined on pregnancy today.
Looking at the above definition that is definitely what I am doing. In the past when I would find myself reorganizing a closet I’d realize I was ‘nesting.’ This time is different there is nothing random about it… I have a method and a purpose. I am making lists and working systematically through them.

I have about 5 weeks to go, possibly less, before this little one joins us and in the meantime Joel has a very busy treatment schedule. It gets really busy right before this little one will arrive, so I need to maximize the time before and get as much as possible done.

I was busy organizing our room where the baby will stay for the first little while. We set up the bed which was very exciting for the kids. Joel and Joshua both decided to give some of their stuffed animals to the new baby.

I cleared out a dresser drawer and have washed a bunch of baby clothes. This is a solution for the interim but I will need to come up with something a bit more permanent. Once we get the boys new room finished I will have a better idea on dresser space 😀

Then there is schooling to worry about. I have to a degree, been there done that when it comes to new babies. I know that each one is different some settle into their new environment peacefully and some take awhile. After some deliveries I have been back on my feet right away and other times I have felt like I was hit by a truck. So, I know there is no predicting what life will be like after baby is born. I have been working hard at having things prepped and ready to go so that school keeps going with as few bumps along the road as possible.
I put together two buckets for Joel and Hannah I will change out things daily to keep it fun. All of the kids have their own school basket but it is quicker for me to pull out what Joel and Hannah need than sending them to get it.
I have been putting together ‘activities in a bag’ for them so far I have 16 made up. I am loving these zipper bags, I reorganized our craft bins with these bags as well.
Here is a closer look at two of them ‘Pom pom pick up,’ has 6 stacked cups that need to be pulled apart and then there are tweezers to sort the coloured pompoms into their containers. The ‘Sorting hearts’ has three containers that need to be opened and then the hearts can be sorted by size or colour. Now some of you may have your wheels turning and think okay Hannah she’s 3, but Joel is 5 isn’t that beneath him. While sorting the colours will not be a challenge for him the actual activity will be. Because of his brain surgery he is still working hard at fine motor skills. Joel lost the use of his right hand and while he has regained much control of it he still prefers his left. As you can imagine just switching your dominant hand is no easy task and while he prefers his left he still needs to develop more control there as well. These activities will help with strengthen his hands.
I have a basket that I am storing all their activities in. As the kids get back into the swing of things I will post more about them using their activities.

I got Dave busy hanging a few bookshelves for me, the first is in my bedroom and I keep some of the books I have on the go on it (as well as, one or two books I am reading to the kids).

The other shelf is in our living room that stores books we are using often with school. We do have a homeschool room but we have spilled over into the living room. I found that as this pregnancy has progressed I need a comfortable spot to sit and after baby arrives I will need a nice spot to nurse. The kids go back and forth between the rooms but it works out just fine.

I’ll keep you posted as we get back into the swing of things with school… and nesting!

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