Dave and I seem to have never ending Internet issues, I love blogging but this week I have been afraid to go near the computer. Our bill for our Internet came in and it was 10 times higher than usual. Dave has been working hard by spending hours on the phone trying to get to the bottom of what is going on. He has assured me it has nothing to do with my blog and go ahead and use the computer… so I am back.
I find we are continuously busy, each season brings with it things to keep us busy. Fall, I could write a post all by itself about all the things I love about the fall. If the weather co operates we hope to prepare the gardens for next spring. We have garlic to plant and gardens to dig. The grass needs to be cut again… I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think we will need to do that too many more times. Leaves need to be raked… a barn that desperately needs to be cleaned out and a trip to the dump made, but I am fearing it could be spring before that happens.
Remember my big list of things that need doing well I had said maybe by October 1st but at the rate I am moving it could be closer to November 1st.
We have got some things done around here… The great pumpkin harvest. Last year I threw a pumpkin in our compost pile and apparently the seeds decided to grow in our compost pile. So the kids were thrilled.

They were so cute putting them in their wagon and then washing them off with the hose.

We are still waiting on some to orange up but I think they will have about twenty pumpkins. They sold 5 to their grandparents and are planning on a pumpkin patch for next year so they can sell them by the road.
They arranged some on our front steps, oh did I forget to mention repainting the steps?
I finally got around to making a new table cloth, I have enough material for 4 of them. 1 down 3 to go. I also have material to make a bunch of napkins, in an effort to cut back on paper products.

There won’t be too many more fresh flowers from the garden but it is fun to add some colour to the table.

I had to add this ‘only very slightly blurry’ picture of Hannah it was taken by Joel.

His hand still shakes a little but if you could have seen how it shook a few months ago you would be so impressed. By the way he had his first physiotherapy at home yesterday. I was worried at first as he hid behind some furniture, but, his therapist was really good and asked if he had any dinosaurs up popped a head and a new friendship was formed.
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