Joel’s Birthday

Well, I finally got the pictures up from Joel’s birthday. I have done the very little troubleshooting I know and can’t quite figure out why my pictures upload so slowly. At long last here they are. Joel is anxiously awaiting his presents. I think in our family we often do cake and then presents but Joel was not hungry at all, so we felt it would be unfair to make him wait while we all ate his cake!!
Joel was always very careful to look for his cards first and not to rush into the present.
Although when he did get to the presents he gave us quite the reaction each time. Uncle Kyle got him some really cool Lego.
Here he is using both hands to pull out one of his presents.

Taliah made Joel this card. She loves to make cards for everyone on their Birthdays.

Even though Joshua’s arm made into this picture and it is a bit darker then the rest you can tell Joel is thrilled.
We sang Happy Birthday to Joel and he did blow out his candles, but he didn’t try any of his cake until the next day. It was good cake.

It was a great day celebrating with Joel. We were all very blessed to spend time with him. It was also rather emotional for us as only a few months ago we all were questioning what the future held and at times it was rather frightening. As with all of us his future is still uncertain but we didn’t think about that, instead we celebrated the miracle of Joel’s life. This is my favorite picture from his Birthday!!!

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