The Steam Train

As you all know I have been terribly behind on sharing what our family has been up to. Amongst Joel’s treatments and the busyness of life we have had the chance to have some fun. I have been wanting to post about this for awhile but have been having the worst time getting my computer to co-operate with loading pictures in. So I finally have some of the pictures up from when we went with 27 oncology families from CHEO on a day trip from Hull Quebec to Wakefield Quebec on Canada’s last remaining authentic steam train. The above picture is a photo of H.C.W. Steam Train from their website. You can read all about the train and the various excursions available at H.C.W. Steam Train.

We had a great day the weather was drizzly in the morning but it soon brightened into a beautiful day. Here are 4 of the kids enjoying the ride. Hannah went back and forth sometimes she sat with the big kids and sometimes she sat with Dave, Joel and I.
The kids were given goodie bags with stuff to colour notice which hand he is using to colour with he has really compensated for his right hand.Hannah wasted no time and used both hands. Notice the ends she is working with.
Joel was having a great time but was a little alarmed when his crayon broke in half.I really didn’t get any good pictures of Elijah on the train because his face was glued to the window the whole time. The scenery was gorgeous I would love to go again in the fall with the beautiful fall colours. Joshua was more than willing to stop and give me a smile.
Again another picture facing the window. Taliah has lovely braids though 🙂
At this point in the day I think I had taken about 50 pictures of Joel and he decided to hide from me.
They had girls doing face painting none of my guys wanted their faces painted but opted for something on their arms. They also had musicians that stopped in each car to sing and play instruments it was lovely.We stopped in lovely Wakefield for lunch but first I had to get a picture of everyone in front of the train at this point Joel was not interested in the crucial family pose so he is standing off to the side but at least he is in the picture.
We got to climb up where the engineer sits and check out the controls not much different than the car right??? Obviously I won’t be driving any steam engines anytime soon!!!
Here is Hannah enjoying her pink ice cream…too cute.
All of the kids picked something from the souvenir car some of them picked little train replicas but Joel went for the conductors hat.
Hannah went for the pink version of the conductors hat although she appears to have her own ideas of how to wear it.
Steam engine 909 in all her glory. If you ever get the chance to go for a ride on her you won’t regret it. Our kids are already talking about going again and Dave thinks it would make a great date just the two of us… who knows maybe a couple of years down the road….

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