Another Update

Another quick update. Joel’s MRI went well he was super co-operative. He really impressed the nurse. Considering where we have come from with his disdain for hospital staff, I was impressed too. It was one of those Momma pride moments. We didn’t get any results today, I will continue to assume all is well until I hear something different. We see his Neurosurgeon on July 23 so I expect we will get the results then.

A few concerns; Taliah is quite congested and Joel is a little congested…and chemo starts next Monday so I need everyone to be healthy could you pray that this would pass quickly and that everyone else would remain healthy.

We are handling the heat the best we can but for my congested kids it is pretty tough. It reached over 30 C in the house today. (I think that is 86 F) It was even hotter outside. We have the fans running. Dave bought a window AC unit which is in our room I have all 5 kids camped out in here with me. Unfortunately, during the day Dave has to sleep so the kids and I are suffering downstairs, counting the hours until he is out of bed and off to work so we can move in.

I find appetites are low in the heat. I have been making fruit smoothies for drinking and freezing in Popsicle molds. I froze a bunch of small yogurts so the kids can have those tomorrow. I am trying to come up with cool and refreshing ways of getting nutrition into them. I cooked a bunch of chicken breast first thing in the morning so I am not heating the kitchen up too much and we ate wraps with veggies and chicken in them. I would still LOVE to hear tips for staying cool.

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