Catching Up

I lost my wireless connection again. It is very early Saturday morning I haven’t gone to bed yet so I still feel like it is Friday night. At any rate, Joel was finally released on Thursday. He is doing much better but his appetite is still really small; he has lost 3.3 pounds in a week.

Taliah came to the hospital for the support group she is going to, and then she slept over with Joel and I at RMH. We had to wait till after 5pm for all the paperwork to be signed, but as soon as it was, we headed over to RMH. We set the room up with some cozy spots, had supper and then came back to our room and watched movies.

We were up early and headed off to the hospital. Taliah got to see a fair bit of Joel’s routine; checking weight and height, blood oxygen, blood pressure and temperature. Then he had blood work and was hooked up to his I.V. Taliah came with us up to the O.R. where we pick up the anesthesiology team and then we headed over to the General. She got to stay with us while they put Joel under. She told me after, she didn’t even see how they did it, because it happened so quickly.

Next, we headed back over to the Children’s hospital and had some breakfast. I then took Taliah over to the Medical Day Unit where she hung out with the Child Life Specialists and other children waiting for treatment; she coloured a ton of pictures. I went to the recovery room to sit with Joel while he woke up.

Once back, Joel had to have his port needle taken out and his vitals rechecked before heading out. While Taliah was waiting, she made a friend with a little guy having maintenance chemo. We then went and had a snack at the coffee shop before heading back to RMH to pack up.

Dave and the rest of the kids came to pick us up. On our way home we stopped in at my parents house; Joel had a gift for my Mom. We had been in the gift shop, and he saw this ring with a huge blingy gem on it. He was totally amazed by his find and thought it was beautiful; he told me he wanted to buy it for Gramma!!! I looked at the price $2.99; I figured we could afford this amazing treasure, so we bought it. If you know my Mom, you’ll have to ask to see her new ‘Bling from Joel!’

Well, as the kids are all in bed it is time I move in that direction. Thanks for all your continued prayers for Joel. Blessings!

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