Today was a good good day…

Hey everyone, I have an Internet connection but it is late… so, I am going to have to make this a fast one. Tomorrow is the weekend, so I can’t guarantee a good post for a few days.

Today was a really good day! Joel woke up slowly from sedation and was in good humor afterwards. This was also his first day of the tumor bed getting it’s boost of radiation. Now it is just the tumor bed getting radiation, not the whole brain and spine; it goes quicker too. He had a great speech session today as well.

Dave and the kids came up for a visit, and we got to play with our friend Molly Penny and her clown in training. The kids were clowning around, too; God Bless Molly Penny, she sure brings a lot of fun and smiles. After blowing bubbles and taking some pictures, Taliah went off to join in a mini-group of girls who all have a sibling dealing with cancer. It is a group that runs for 6 weeks and the girls are all around the same ages; it gives them a chance to talk with other girls going through the same kind of stuff. I don’t know how we are going to get Taliah up here for each of the next 5 sessions, but if we can we will. She really enjoyed it.

While Taliah was busy, we grabbed a snack and went for a walk. We saw a nice, fat groundhog on our walk. We picked up Taliah and walked back over to the RMH where the kids played, and watched some TV while I got some laundry done.

Then we headed out to St. Huberts for dinner. It was a really nice time, all things considered (5 tired and hungry kids), they were really well behaved. We all went home; Joel and I to RMH, and Dave and the kids back to our house, all with full bellies. I didn’t hear from Dave, but it is my guess that more than half the car fell asleep on the way home.

Tomorrow marks our 1/2 way point for radiation: by lunchtime we will have 15 done and 15 to go!! This week was also the beginning of something that I have been almost anxious to have happen, and, at the same time, been dreading. Joel’s hair has started to fall out. His hair loss is due to the radiation, not the chemo. While Vincristine can cause hair loss, the dose he is receiving is rather low compared to what he will get when he starts his chemo in about 7 weeks from now. Currently, Joel’s hair loss is rather patchy, but he is still loosing hair. He likes to rub his head all over me, and I am covered in short little Joel hair. He seems to think I have something to do with the hair loss, I am guessing that it is because I was the one to tell him about it. He didn’t like the thought of losing it, but he is dealing well with it. He took off his hat to show Dave and said, “My hair fall out it grow back.”

It is definitely a marked reminder of what he is dealing with. As I have mentioned before, I do tend to keep cancer all neat and tidy in a box, and I really don’t want to stare it in the face… but it is things like Joel’s hair loss that is keep me in reality. He is rolling through this so bravely; I am very proud of him.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so I am unsure if I will have time to post. Once again, thanks for all your love and support.

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