Joel had a quiet day today. I had to wake the poor guy up this morning so they could do blood work…not the best way to start your day off. We went to the playroom but after about 5 minutes Joel said he was tired and wanted to come back to his room. He went to physio and lasted about 15 minutes and then started to ask to go back to his room again. In the afternoon I noticed he had a fever, which explained why his appetite and energy level were so poor. They just gave him a second dose of Tylenol and he is sleeping soundly now.

I am hoping he is feeling well tomorrow, so that we can still have our 2 hour pass. Dave is bringing the kids up to see him and we were told we could take him out for 2 hours. We are all really looking forward to going.

Next week is shaping up to be busy. I met with a surgeon this morning who is going to put Joel’s port-a-cath in. It is going to happen on Monday at about 11am. Joel will also have to be prepped for radiation. They will do the mold for the mask, amongst other things. Then on the 26th Joel will start his radiation. He will also receive one chemo drug at the same time. (His full chemo treatment will follow after his 6 weeks of radiation).

As for me, I am doing much better today. It sounds like they are planning on leaving Joel in the room he is in even during radiation; this way rehab can stay on top of his progress. A nurse from oncology will come up to give him his chemo med, and as for his radiation, he will just go off for sedation and then to radiation and then back here to wake up. So we decided to decorate his room a bit and settle in here.

Dave came up to be with us today and the other kids went to hang out with my friend Kelly for the day. As Dave and I discussed all that is going on we have a lot of peace. Yes, we aren’t looking forward to what lays ahead; this is going to be hard on Joel, and it is going to be difficult to watch him go through it and not be able to make it all better. BUT… we are feeling so loved and encouraged. Our friends and family have been so great and I really need to find some time to let you all know how much we appreciate you all. The staff here at the hospital have been amazing. Joel’s Neurosurgeon came by just to check on him today. Joel hasn’t been on his rotation since Monday but he cares about how he is progressing. My blog readers, you humble me, I am honored that you come by and read and offer encouragement; I feel so blessed.

One of the verses that came up when Dave and I were talking was Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Be still, is comforting to me… this isn’t something that I can fix. So much of this (if not all) is out of my control. Instead of frantically trying to make this right, I can just quiet myself and let God. Being still doesn’t mean you give up, or do nothing… it is trusting in God and allowing Him to work. I have said this before, I’m sure, God has a plan for Joel and this doesn’t change God’s plan. Even though this was a huge shock to us, it didn’t sneak up on God: He has known from the beginning that Joel would walk this path.

Thank you all for your love and support!!

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