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You guessed it the wireless connection has decided that I should only have weekend access. Here is a really fast rundown of our day. It was not as busy as I had hoped. Joel did go for a quick MRI which he was not sedated for and he was a trooper. At this point the Neurosurgeon does not think Joel will need a shunt!

It sounds like Joel will go on Thursday at 12:30 for his Lumbar Puncture and get his staples removed at the same time. (That was my idea combine the sedation’s.) All though around here things are subject to change. No word on pathology; someone mentioned it is possible they will wait until the Lumbar puncture to make their final report. Hoping for Friday to hear. Speech was by and so was physio. I am told he’ll have an occupational therapist by to check out his arm. His belly is still huge, hard and uncomfortable; his bellybutton is about to become an outie as it is no long an innie.

No temper tantrums with me, but he had one with the physio therapist when she made him stand up.
That was our day in a nutshell. I was hoping to hear something from oncology. I have no idea if anything will happen tomorrow but Thursday sounds like it could be busy. I only had a few minutes to type this so I have to run. Blessings to you all and thanks for all your support!!

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