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I think I am just a little ‘Bookmark’ crazy. Not the kind you actually mark where you left of reading in your favorite book…although I do have an unusual amount of those. I am talking about bookmarking different blogs and websites. I figured I must have at least 100 of them so I decided to count them… 271 and I know that there are other sites that I visit often that I keep thinking I need to bookmark these. Is it just me or does that seem excessive?
I just recently deleted a bunch of bookmarks. I had bookmarked all sorts of real estate sites and even stuff on building, back when we were looking for a house. Which is kind of funny because financially we couldn’t afford to build yet I still looked into it. I love to do research so I enjoy scouring the Internet for info.

What kind of things do I have bookmarked?

All sorts of things;

-Possible Christmas presents
-Weather Network
-Blogs I like to read. (Why not sign up as a follower, well I have on a few but when I try to access my Blog to post I have to wait for it to download the blogs I follow and even though there are only 3 it takes forever. Remember I’m on dial-up. So it just seems quicker to bookmark them.
-Books I would like to buy.
-I have a ton of, ‘One day when I have money I would like to get one of those so I had better bookmark it so if that day ever comes I will be able to find it,’ sites marked.
-recipes/cooking sites
-Art sites
-Homesteading and farming sites
-few sites for the kids
-Pets/pet training

I think I could go on and on.

I have blogged about my slightly obsessive need for things to be organized well I have decided it is time to organize my bookmarks. I am thinking of putting them into categories and seeing if that helps tidy things up. I am actually on a bit of an organizing/ re-organizing push around here. I think it will morph into further posts.

As for my random ramblings;

Dave tells me that Mocha has gained 6 pounds in a week and half. Yikes! I wish I could loose weight at the rate she gains it.

Yesterday my 4 year old told me that my name was not Momma it was Wild Herman.

I believe I am toying with insanity. I am try to housebreak a puppy and toilet train my daughter at the same time.

Our new kitten meows 10 times louder than the other kitten.

I haven’t seen another flea since the very first day we got him almost 2 weeks ago.

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