Joshua William

I promised something lighthearted for today. When I promised that I had no idea what kind of night I was about to have. So I felt the need to share my crazy night. Finally without further adieu something positive. My guy Joshua is turning “6” on September 10th! We celebrated his birthday on Sunday because Dave has to work on his birthday. Let me tell you about Joshua. He is our middle child, our only red (orange) haired and our only blue eyed child. Sometimes that is a tough place to be. He is very compassionate and snugglely little guy. Funny… oh my yes! He also loves every animal going. We had such a great time celebrating Joshua. It is so hard to believe he has been here for 6 years already. Yet saying that the way he talks to me I sometimes think wow your 6 and you are thinking about all these amazing things. The kids were glad to help him open his presents. He was thrilled to get his own tool kit from Uncle Kyle. His own tape measure amongst other tools. His own guitar I think he was feeling like a really big boy with his own sized guitar. I think we might have a family band one day. Joshua William you are such a gift and wonderful blessing to our family! Love Mama

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