Well I had really hoped by now I would have some good news about the house. However things have not gone very smoothly. Our lender had already approved the mortgage but Dave and I require CMHC which is an insurance which covers the mortgage in case we can not pay the mortgage it is required by the bank. CMHC wanted the house appraised and even though everyone has said to us all along that it is a fantastic price the appraiser did not agree and wants us to find an extra $8000.- dollars. HMM Dave and I do not have an extra $8000.- dollars.

To say we are feeling disappointed would be an understatement. CMHC only reviews a portion of the applicants we were the lucky ones that got picked. Everything else had fallen in place and we were waiting on this appraisal which we were told was nothing to worry about and that it was just routine. So now we go back to the seller and tell them what happened and see if they will move on price. $8000. is a lot of money for them to swallow I am thinking this may not happen.

I know if this is where we are suppose to be it will happen but it is frustrating we were so close. We didn’t say anything to the kids until the seller had accepted the offer and then we told them that the well water and home inspection had to pass. When we were told that the lender was okay with it and it just had to have the routine appraisal we told the kids that it looked like a done deal. They have been waiting a long time for this I feel like a heel for getting their hopes up.

So we are still waiting and hoping and kind of not hoping at the same time. Please keep praying for our emotions in this that we don’t get all worked up over this. Thanks.

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