Shamrock shakes and the Flu

I had wanted to post this on the night of the 17th but was hit with some crazy flu/cold thing I could barely move for 36 hours and had a fever of 104 (40). I seem to have gotten rid of the fever but have a nasty sinus thing going on now. I now have 4 out of 5 of the kids down with it, Joel is my only healthy guy. Dave went in to work tonight but his throat is a little scratchy and that is how it starts. So it is possible that by tomorrow we will be a house full of sickies:(

Ah well such is life EH? So to the fun stuff here are my Shamrock shakes complete with little gummy frogs just for fun.Here is a closer look at the froggies!

Here they are enjoying their shakes they were thrilled that they were green and had frogs!
It is not easy to get a good picture of all of these guys. They all did attempt to wear something green. The boys all had green camouflage plants on, and green in their shirts. Taliah’s jumper is a green check she has little Shamrocks in her hair. Hannah has a little green in her skirt and she had a sweater with green strips in it but it came off before I took these pictures. I realized we do not have a lot of green clothing. All and all we had fun, and then Momma got sick 🙁

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