Purim and the missing pictures.

Well we had a great time celebrating Purim and making Hamentashen. We made the Hamentashen yesterday Taliah and Joel were my helpers. We found a yummy recipe with chocolate brownie filing in the middle and we made some with jam filing. They are very good but asthetically not as pleasing as some pictures I have seen. I think it is safe to say I won’t be working in any Jewish bakeries in the near future. I took lots of pictures but I am afraid they have somehow disappeared into the abyss of the computer. I asked Dave if he could download them for me and I cannot find them in the computer. So I thought, I guess he didn’t have time to download them but I checked the camera and there are no pictures on the camera. Which is such a shame because there were some really cute pictures.
We had a fun day we read Esther and the kids Booed Hamen and then we discussed some ways we can give to the poor and decided what we are going to do for our Purim giving. we gave the kids a little gift as it says in Esther that gifts were exchanged and I relish oppurtunities to give it does have to be extravagant just something to say i love you your special. Next we went out and took the kids to a restaraunt for lunch we don’t do this very often so it was a real treat and they made me proud they all behaved nicely even my fireball Joel (who has a hard time sitting still).
We delivered our Hamentashen and juice to friends houses and had a nice visit with them. Before the kids went to bed they had popcorn and watched our Esther movie.
I am hoping that Dave will come home and show me that I am wrong and the pictures are on this computer somewhere. If he does I’ll add those pictures in!

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