Oh Deer!

The other day we went for a drive with the kids. We do this often we are hoping to buy a house this year so we drive all over the area getting to know it. As we were driving through the country side someone shouts, “”Deer!”” Dave pulls over and we watch four deer munching on leftovers from the year before in a farmers field. As the littlest ones wave goodbye Dave pulls back onto the road.
Only to have someone else shout,
“”Deer!”” Oh my ELEVEN deer in this field. Again we watch in amazement at seeing Eleven deer together. Once again Dave pulls back onto the road and we drive past the farmers house and barns.
At which point I yell,
“”Stop the car.”” I have never seen so many deer in all my life. (Including my trip to Marineland) I stopped counting when I hit FORTY FIVE deer. (I didn’t hit forty five deer, you know what I mean.)
Anyway, this may not be earth shattering news but it was out of the ordinary. Of course, like the time we saw the MOOSE, I did not have the camera with me, so I could not document this occasion. Oh well, maybe next time. I must say the deer are all looking remarkably good for coming through such a cold winter. We did not have as much snow as we did last year, so I am guessing it was easier for them to find food. Unlike this skinny guy who I took a picture of last spring.

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