…and Then the Gentleman!

Okay, here they are from oldest to youngest Elijah, Joshua and Joel. Now I know what you are thinking what is with the hair. Momma decided that the boys could all sport a Mohawk for a while. It is not the most conservative look, but I figure when they are in their teens they will figure been there done that when I was 5! (or 11 and 3) When a good friend of the family complimented Joshua on his fine haircut and said he wished he could sport such a hairdo, unfortunately his hair has reseeded on top. Josh suggested that he could have two one on each side of his head.Elijah is now 11, and he is interested in all sorts of things I remember thinking will he ever have any interests other than dinosaurs. He has a wild imagination and is always spinning some tale together. He is also dreaming of all sorts of things that he can build, here is one of his first efforts;
I like this picture of Elijah because of the funny lighting but it also shows his love for his pet Lucy. (Named after Lucy in the C.S. Lewis Narnia novels)
All of our kids love Lego. We have all stepped upon more than one piece of Lego in this house. Recently the boys built pyramids.Joshua is 5 and 1/2 and is so funny. He is one of our most affection kids he has a hug for whoever he meets. He is always working on jokes and is a ball of energy. For his 5th Birthday we surprised him with a trip to Whispering Meadows Riding Academy (where Taliah takes lessons) he had a blast riding Buzz! He is not a bad groom either.
Josh has a thing for all animals, he would like to have a cow, a pig, some sheep and goats, a few chickens and of course every boy needs a pony and a dog.
Now Joel is the youngest boy at 3 and 1/2 but he is no push over, if Josh is a ball of energy than Joel is a ball of atomic energy. He some times leads us a merry chase! Other times he can be a real little snuggler.I had to share this last picture of Joel because for those that know Joel it is a look we are all very familar with.So that is the gang. I suppose I could have included Dave in with the gents for he is certainly that but I think that He deserves his own post one day.
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