Les Parfaits Inconnus

This past weekend the older kids (Elijah, Taliah and Joshua) and I went to see Les Parfaits Inconnus (The Perfect Unknowns) presented by the Mad Hatters theater group here in Cornwall. All I have to say is ‘Wow!’ This group was brilliant. We all had a fantastic time. They were high energy through the whole performance. Joshua clapped constantly. They are musicians, jugglers, comedians and acrobats all rolled into one.
Les Parfaits Inconnus website they have a video clip where you can get a small taste of what we saw, well the clip is good it does not compare to the real thing. Apparently, this group has traveled all over the world so if you ever get the chance to see them I would say go for it. It is good old family friendly entertainment.
As a result of the show my kids have all become huge fans of Benny Goodmans “”Sing Sing Sing. It was one of the pieces of music used in the show. When we came home the kids could not stop talking about all that they saw and heard. We played the music for the little ones and Joel and Hannah enjoy it too. It is our new quick tidy up music it really gets them moving.

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