For those who follow Lent it started this past Wednesday the kids and I (Dave too) are working on a few different things. Lent is the 40 days not including Sundays before Easter. Growing up I was taught that we do not count Sundays because every Sunday should be a little Easter a celebration.
Many people will give something up for Lent we have decided we would give up T.V. and for Momma frivolous surfing on the Internet. If we need to look up something for school that is allowed so is emailing. As it is only a few days in I do not have a lot to report but I feel like we are off to a good start.
So why give something up? For us giving something up that we enjoy is a small sacrifice but it helps to remind us of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. Uncle Kyle has given up salt, I was not quite ready for such a sacrifice myself this year. Way to go Uncle!
We also decided to take something on. We have made a banner with a vine and branches on it. Each branch has one of the kids names on it and when they see each other doing something kind or loving they can put some fruit on the other persons vine. They are not allowed to put fruit on their own vine.
Here are some pictures of the process of making the banner;
the kids names,

Here are the names on the banner,
Then we added the words, “”I am the vine and you are the branches.””
Finally they have started to earn some fruit.
It is my plan to cut out some green leaves too. I just haven’t got to that yet. I’ll have to put on a picture when we are further in to this project I am hoping to see lots of good fruit, putting others first, sharing, helping, being patient, hmmm the list could go on and on.

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