A Sense of Humour

Last Sunday on our way to church Elijah was practicing his memory verse which happened to be found in the book of Hebrews. I could hear Joshua in the back of the van mumbling about Hebrews. After a few moments Joshua announced he had a joke. ( A little history if Josh hears a joke he can retell it but when it comes to making up his own it leaves a bit to be desired.) So we asked if this was one he had heard or another ‘Josh original’? He told us it was one he had made up.

“”Okay lets here it.””
In his sweet 5 year old voice, “”What do you call a girl in the Bible?””
“”I don’t know, what do you call a girl in the Bible?””
“”A Shebrew.””

He really surprised us, and we had a good laugh. He is a funny little guy to watch run around and play. He loves to make us smile and was so proud that his joke was so well received. I think all of our kids like to make us laugh but at this point if I had to pick the one that enjoys clowning around the most I would have to pick Joshua. I though I would include a picture of Josh it is not the most recent photo of him but it is one of my favorites.

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