Strawberry Lemonade

Summer is almost here, and while the calendar says we have a few weeks to go the temperature is already heading into summer numbers.  Which sends me looking for ways to stay cool.  In some parts of the country the first few strawberries will soon start bursting forth.  There are so many ways to use […]

Simple Crocheted Scarf

I would still classify myself as very new to crocheting, but have had some fun with various projects, making headbands and purses etc.  I wanted to make a scarf for my Dad and couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I decided to just make my own, if you are new to crocheting this would […]

Old Path (pectin-free) Strawberry Jam

I have been making jam for years.  It is an activity I enjoy, the only thing that would make it more enjoyable would be air conditioning, it can get pretty hot making jam.  I guess that could be why so many people do freezer jam.  I am old fashion and have not jumped on the […]

Princess Tutorials Part 2 ~ The Wand

Princess Tutorials Part 2 It has taken me a bit of time to get the next instalment written but it is finally here! The Wand Materials Piece of dowel felt (2 colours) ribbon needle & thread glue embroidery thread & needle paper & pencil For the wand you really could make it any shape you want, I […]

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