Chicks and how to sex them

I tried to think of a nicer way of titling this but that is basically it.  We have launched ourselves into the world of hatching chicks.  To begin with we were very new to this, we had never incubated chicks before.  We had heard from other people who said,candling was a joke and how can you […]

Spring on Our Little Homestead

Has spring sprung on our little Homestead?  This year we were teased with unseasonably warm weather in March, and here we sit almost hours from May desperate for spring in all its glory.  I think we can safely say spring is here.  I may not be a fan of the mud that spring tracks in, […]

Rare Breeds Eggs & Chickens

Eggs, we are so loving having our own eggs, our family loves them and we would go through 3-4 dozen a week easily it is so nice to not have to buy them anymore. We have had our challenges with our chickens mainly too many roosters.  Our first 3 chickens were 9 week old barred rock […]

Chickens, Brooders, Coops…. Oh my!

Chickens… Back on August 15th I took some pictures of our latest arrivals.  I also posted some of the problems we were having with our chicks.  I am thankful to say since then we have not lost anymore chicks.  Our new problem is space and where to put everyone.  (Not to mention the problem of […]

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