Joel’s Surprise!

Oops, I got a little side tracked last night and did not get this up right away.   Last Friday at the eye doctors it was apparent that Joel’s eyes have changed.  Previously, the doctor felt that Joel’s eye that is turned in would not be helped with corrective lens.  However, things have changed over […]

Home again, Home again

We’re home again and man am I looking forward to my bed tonight!!! Joel is an amazing little guy, he did really well. There is a lot of not so fun stuff involved with being at the hospital, but he gets through it without much complaining at all. He is very sensitive about his port […]

Yet another update…

(Taken Sunday morning!) I have a wireless connection, so I am going to run with it!!!! Joel had a fantastic weekend. We did a little shopping and then hung out at home; we watched movies and played. On Sunday we were incredibly blessed by my parents church, who hosted a luncheon in Joel’s honor. It […]


It is good to be home I almost want to play hookie and not go back. It has been nice to have time with the other kids. Lots of hugs and cuddles. We were told by hospital staff to have a nice quiet weekend at home. No church, just quiet family time. No horse play, […]

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