What we hope to do today….

Today as with most days I have a huge to do list. I usually figure I won’t get everything on the list done but I still try to cram as much as I can in. I found this photo and thought it was too funny not sure where to give credit but it does have […]

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate That is the Question

Photo Credit Swine Flu, H1N1, vaccinations, over estimated, epidemic, pandemic, over reaction… ???? I decided I would weigh in on this one as loaded a topic as it is. Oh I am one who worries with the best of them. I am sure our good Lord thinks, “Cheryl when are you going to relax and […]

Homeschool Highlights

It’s Friday! That means Homeschool Highlight!!! Hmmm, what to write about? All sorts of different things happen in a week around here. Like, Joshua losing another tooth, he now has no front teeth and told me that it might be hard when he is reading to, “thay wordth like thnake.” The only problem is that […]

Still Busy with Life

Once again I have been so busy with life that I have not had time to post anything. To avoid anyone getting the idea that nothing has been happening around here I thought I would pop in quickly to say ‘Hi’ and to let you all know that I have several posts in my mind […]

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