The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge ~ Kitchen and Front Entrance

Umm it is Wednesday, and I am just getting to this post.  I am not sure why I thought Monday would be a great day to review the previous week?  It makes sense I suppose, but, Monday is one of my busiest days of my week.   So while Monday is a logical choice it is not […]

The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge ~ Basement (After)

Ahh the much anticipated after movie!!!

The Clean Heart Clean Home Challenge Week 1 Done!

Updated to include Basement After Video! How did the first week go?  Did you join in?  Well I jumped in with both feet and am loving the challenge.  The first weeks devotional was a call to look at our hearts, as well as, our homes.  I love the verse she shared, “Let all things be […]

The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge

Okay, this is a little last-minute and I apologize for that but I want to invite all of you on a journey with me…. Here comes the preamble… Remember I said that this was the year that I was going to get organized?  Funny thing is I am ‘not too bad’ in the realm of organizing but […]

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