Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

Hannah turned 4 today.  She is a constant delight.  Hannah is a very loving child that loves to sing.  She has always been a very happy child.  Lately, when we tell her to smile she gives us this big eyed smile.  We got these huge balloons at the dollar store and they were a HUGE hit with […]

Pirates & a Princess

A few posts ago I mentioned that Joel’s good eye was starting to show weakness. Oddly enough he favors his eye that is turned in slightly. They are going to wait until he has finished all of his chemo treatments before intervening with the left eye, in the meantime they want his right eye to […]

Off to the hospital

My Internet was down for a few days so I was unable to update. I am plugging away at my list of stuff to do… slowly. I had to call Dave to come home from work tonight so I could take this monkey to the hospital. It took me to child number 5 to take […]

Birthday Girls

As promised here is a post about the girls birthdays. We celebrated their birthdays about two weeks apart. Hannah was thrilled to celebrate her special day. She is now 3 years old what a big girl. Hannah didn’t need any help blowing out her candles. When she finished her cake she hopped out of her […]

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