September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to take some time and share something I have become rather passionate about. Childhood Cancer My stats are a little old but I believe there are about 10,000 children living with cancer in Canada today. That ‘s  too many! Each year, about 850 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in Canada,  and […]


PPPHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  That is the sound of me exhaling.  We finally received Joel’s MRI results.  Here it is in the radiologists own words; “The previous tiny focus of enhancement at the anterior aspect of the fourth ventricle is no longer seen.” Yeah!! What ever it was it isn’t there anymore!! Praise God!! He goes on to […]

Home again…& some pictures

Ahh, we are home.  It always feels so great to be back at home.  There is nothing like climbing in to your own bed!!  I had wanted to write a post when we were at the hospital but by the time I got back to my room with Samuel he was just beginning his fussy […]

Checking in….

Hi everyone, It has been really busy around here.  I will be updating later in the week.  For now I just wanted to say Joel and I are headed in to the hospital tomorrow morning for his chemo.  Not sure why but the last few hospital stays I have not been able to access my […]

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