Reflecting, Cherishing, and Living (a giveaway too)

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Three years ago today our world was turned upside down. I remember all the details of that day more vividly than I do the birth of my children. I can hear, smell, see, and feel that day almost as real as this very day. I have already shared my […]

I Remember… Part 2

Not wanting to drive you all nuts with two days of, “I remember” I will drop it for part 2. Joel woke at about 5:30 and he spoke to me which was a big deal as he had gone non-verbal the day before.  He was so chatty we talked about the birds that flew by the […]

I remember….

Today is a day that carries with it a torrent of memories. I remember dropping off 4 of my children at my parents’ house. I remember listening to some health show on the radio where 2 chiropractors talked about how a mis- alignment could cause headaches. I remember pulling up to the house to pick up Dave […]

Busy, Busy…

Does life ever slow down??  We have been very busy.  Monday was off to therapy with Joel, as well as, shopping and laundry in town.  (I’ve been doing laundry at my parent’s house as our washing machine is in need of repair.) Today we were off to Ottawa for an MRI for Joel.  His MRI’s […]

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